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Traditional marketing methods have become saturated and increasingly expensive. AirView cuts through the clutter and provides a cost effective, innovative way to connect with consumers. Airview’s specialized drones fly near large crowds and display marketing messages. Through our patented and patent-pending technology, we deliver dynamic messages and collect meaningful insights on viewers.

Latest Technology

At AirView, we are working on cutting edge technology to improve the delivery of dynamic marketing messages and enhance the collection of consumer insights. We constantly upgrade our patented and patent-pending technology.

Targeted Marketing

AirView provides an end-to-end dynamic marketing and consumer insights solution. Form factors to deliver highly dynamic, marketing messages are constantly improving.

On Demand Platform

Our Drones For Marketing interface enables users to easily define a location and desired marketing message. The platform provides meaningful analytics about the location and target market, all from your browser without the need for specific hardware or software!

Drones For Marketing

Here are some of the many uses for AirView's Drones for Marketing platform and service.

Aerial Messages

Delivery of impactful marketing messages near high traffic areas.

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Social Media Interaction

Enable viewers of the message to impact with social media campaigns.

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Consumer Analytics

Provides robust, meaningful data about crowd that views and interacts with the campaign.

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AirView's drones can provide businesses the information you need faster and with lower cost then current processes, all without having to own or pilot your own drones.

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We look forward to hearing from you and discussing on ways our drones and pilots can help save your business time and money.