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About AirView

AirView is a team devoted to the vision of what can be achieved with the use of UAVs, with a focus in the insurance sector.

AirView was founded in 2015 in Chicago by Usman Hafeez and Dave Mauer to develop real world use cases for advanced UAV technologies.

Latest Technology

At AirView, we are working on cutting edge technology to improve the performance of UAVs in urban areas, such as utlizing a network of wireless charging stations to so that UAVs can be charged without having to have personnel in place to replace batteries.

Drones Near You

Businesses no longer need to hire a drone pilot, purchase the drone hardware, and pay for liability insurancce in order to make use of the efficiencies of drones. Simply use AirView to handle your drone needs, such as capturing data for property and damage assessments.

Map-based GUI

Our Drones on Demand interface emphasizes ease of use for the user. We beleive that setting the route and end destination actions for a UAV should be easy for anyone to do. We have developed our UAV control system with mobile devices in mind, so a user can control, update the mission, and view the results on their mobile devices.


AirView was founded by Usman Hafeez and Dave Mauer as a thought excercise while discussing future implementations for UAVs (Drones).

The more we discussed what was possible, the more convinced we became that companies have only touched the surface of what can be possible with UAVs.


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David Mauer is a technology leader with over 15 years of multi-functional experience and a strong track record of scaling start-up and high-growth technology companies. He brings his skills in building out products and developing markets to AirView.




Usman Hafeez is an entrepreneur with over 15 years experience in management and development of software. Usman brings his skills in developing new technologies to AirView, along with developing the user experience and future functionality.


AirView's drones can provide businesses the information you need faster and with lower cost then current processes, all without having to own or pilot your own drones.

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Chicago - Head Office

815 W Van Buren St, Suite 400
Chicago, IL 60607, USA

P: +1 312-351-5180  OR
P: +1 773-340-3010
E: info@airv.co

We look forward to hearing from you and discussing on ways our drones and pilots can help save your business time and money.